X5-55FW 12V 45" SONAR

by MotorGuide

Bow mount, foot control.
Premium motor created with the higher end thrust options and mount needed for today’s larger, high end boats.
Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) technology is designed to provide maximum control. It virtually eliminates the effects of torque steering feedback, so anglers benefit from a more predictable steering response, improved boat stability, and better overall control.
Designed no-flex composite foot pedal provides better feel and control.
Equipped with premium pull-pull cable steering system that eliminates slack, while VRS technology improves responsiveness.
Digital Power Management extends battery life up to five times. Digital technology features durable cooler-running power electronics that are 50% more efficient.
The X5 mounting bracket is built tough with extruded aircraft-grade aluminum. The wide mount is stable and features a snap-back breakaway mechanism for added protection.
Tournament tough shaft-oversized stainless steel outer column is strong and corrosion-resistant. For additional impact protection, the inner column is made of a premium composite.
Quick-view LED directional indicator.
2-blade weedless propeller.
Ultra secure and easy to use mount door.