X3-55FW FB 12V 36" NM

by MotorGuide

Proprietary Variable Ratio Steering (patent pending) delivers precise higher-response steering in the primary angling zone
Torque steering feedback is reduced for smoother operation
Premium dual-cable, pull-pull steering is standard
Ergonomic, heel-toe operated foot pedal is easy to use
Tight-fitting components and fewer metal-to-metal interfaces make the X3 quiet and stealthy
New composite locking pins maintain a tight and quiet fit with the mount
Locking collar keeps precision bearings secure for quiet operation and low wear
Comes with a 2-blade weedless propeller
Mount is constructed using rigid aircraft-grade aluminum and its wide stance means better stability
Outer shaft is corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a large diameter for added strength
Inner shaft is made with a premium composite with a lifetime guarantee against breaking
Stainless steel bushings and precision bearings ensure long-term performance
Hinged “door” for easy motor height adjustment and removal
Quick-view directional indicator
Easy to stow and deploy
Classic five-speed operation
2-year limited warranty.