by Dual Pro

Battery Charging System Designed for Use On Land and in Fresh and Salt Water
The "Green" Charger: Totally "Repairable" Not a Throw-Away
Approved for Wet Cell and AGM batteries
Models also available for Gelled Electrolyte batteries
DeltaVolt® Intuitive Charging Technology
Waterproof, dependable, rugged construction
Independent outputs
Fully automatic / multi stage charging
Zero spark technology
Battery maintenance mode
On-board diagnostic codes
Temperature compensated
Advanced microprocessor controlled
Battery systems available: 12V - 48V
LED lights indicate the state of charge
Reverse polarity protected
No installation restrictions
FCC Parts A & B interference compliant
DC charge cables = 5ft. AC power cord = 3ft.
Approved and meets ISO 8846 Marine standards
Ignition protected (US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410